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If you have had the nagging feeling lately that your virtuosity at the game of terminoligy ping-pong has somewhat plateaued, rest easy. Technology has created a new type of jargon that is as incomprehensible as it is sophisticated.

This World Wide Web document is based on the Simplified Integrated Modular Prose (SIMP) writing system.
This system can create up to 40,000 discrete, well balanced grammatically correct sentances using the buzz phrase generator or the same number of incomprehensible intelligent sounding technical terms with the buzzword generator.

Simplified Integrated Modular Phrase (SIMP)
(origins unknown - circa late 1980's)

This technical writing kit is based on the Simplified Integrated Modular Phrase (SIMP) writing system.  Using this kit, anyone who can count to 10 can write up to 40,000 discrete, well-balance, grammatically correct sentences packed with intelligent sounding terms.

To put SIMP to work, arrange the modules in A-B-C-D order.  Take any four-digit number, 8751, for example, and read Phrase 8 from Table A, Phrase 7 from Table B, etc.  The result is a SIMP sentence.  Add a few more four-digit numbers to make a SIMP paragraph. Or to make it easy you can try the patented Buzz Word or Buzz Phrase Generator at the bottom of the page.

After you have mastered the basic technique, you can realize the full potential of SIMP by arranging the modules in D-A-C-B order, or A-B-C-C order.  With these advanced configurations, you can be a master of Gobbledygook.

SIMP Table A

0 - In particular,
1 - On the other hand,
2 - However,
3 - Similarly,
4 - As a resultant implication,
5 - In this regard,
6 - Based on integral subsystem considerations,
7 - For example,
8 - Thus,
9 - In respect to specific goals,

SIMP Table B

0 - a large portion of the interface coordination communication
1 - a constant flow of effective information
2 - the characterization of specific criteria
3 - initiation of critical subsystem development
4 - the fully integrated test program
5 - the product configuration baseline
6 - any associated supporting element
7 - the incorporation of additional mission constraints
8 - the independent functional principle
9 - a primary interrelationship between system and / or subsystem technologies

SIMP Table C

0 - must utilize and be functionally interwoven with
1 - maximizes the probability of project success and minimizes the cost and time required for
2 - adds explicit performance limits to
3 - necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to
4 - requires considerable systems analysis and trade off studies to arrive at
5 - is further compounded, when taking into account
6 - presents extremely interesting challenges to
7 - recognizes the importance of other systems and the necessity for
8 - effects a significant implementation to
9 - adds overriding performance constraints to

SIMP Table D

0 - the sophisticated hardware
1 - the anticipated third generation equipment
2 - the subsystem compatibility testing
3 - the structural design, based on system engineering concepts
4 - the preliminary qualification limit
5 - the philosophy of commonality and standardization
6 - the evaluation of specifications over a give time period
7 - the greater flight-worthiness concept
8 - any discrete configuration code
9 - the total system rational

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